Julia Sausen is a Berlin-based director & film editor.
Captivated by moving images from an early age, her sweeping eye for detail and her exceptional ability in visual narration have helped composing remarkably symphonic work.
Her short films, music videos and commercials played to international acclaim.
Commercial campaigns she edited for C&A Clockhouse won the German Design Award in 2017. In 2010 she was co-editing the 4320 LA/SYD the VAustralia, which won a Silver Direct Lion and a Bronze Cyber Lion at the Cannes Lions.


selective filmography

director & editor NIGHT HERALD (short film, 15min, USA/Polen/Germany 2018)
director JULIA MARCELL – Tesko (music video, 4min, USA/Poland 2017).
editor C&A – DYNAMIC/FESTIVAL/REBEL (imagevideos, 1min, 2017):
Winner German Design Award 2017.
director & editor CLOCKHOUSE – Nordic Lights (commercial, 1min, Germany 2015).
director & editor BLACKBEAR FILMFEST – Official Trailer (Trailer, 1min, Germany 2014).
director & editor SWEATSHIRT – Unicorn (music video, 4 min, Germany 2012)
Official Selection 2012 FRONTALE FILM FESTIVAL.
director & editor SPIEGELSTADIUM (short film, 4 min, Germany 2012)
Official Selection 2012 FRONTALE FILM FESTIVAL.
editor JULIA MARCELL – Matrioszka (music video, 4min, Bielecka/Marcell, Germany/Polen 2011)
FRYDERYK Nomination 2012 Best Music video.
editor 4320 LA/SYD VAustralia Campaign 2010:
Winner Silver Lion Direct Marketing & Winner Bronze Cyber Lion at Cannes Lions 2010.